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Dr InoueThe Chi Machine was invented by a Japanese scientist named Dr. Shizuo Inoue.  Dr. Inoue originally thought of this idea after watching goldfish fins moving back and forth in a figure eight motion.

Watching Goldfish

So he invented this machine to replicate the motion of goldfish by putting your heals up on a device that would gently rock your ankles back and forth repetitively.  This repetitive motion back and forth actually starts from your ankles but with time starts to actually work its way up toward the spinal column in waves.  As the waves of motion move up your spine your spine begins to open up between each joint.

The Chi Machine does all the work for you…

There is nothing to do except relax.  Don’t try to rock back and forth or try to assist in the motion; just shut off any ideas or any intentions, which can sometimes be a challenge (but a good kind of challenge).

Finally after 15 minutes, the Chi Machine shuts off automatically.  That’s when the magic happens!  Many people report pleasant tingling sensations slowly rising up from their ankles.  Others report having out of body experiences.  Yet others fall into a deep relaxing sleep.  Everyone’s body is different and will respond differently and even from session to session differences in experience are likely to happen.

What is happening?

Well, the gentle wave-like motion being sent into and up your spinal column is opening compressed spinal bones allowing energy to flow more fluidly.  Synovial fluid which is the liquid that lubricates the joints can flow effortlessly thru joints allowing signaling and energy to pass thru with less constriction.




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