Refund Policy

Last Updated: June 11, 2022

I review products and services that I either have tried myself and or have had others reviewed because it was better suited to be reviewed by someone else. That said, if it is on this site,, I stand behind it because I have thoroughly vetted the company and the product or service and I have no problem recommending it to my site’s visitors.

However, I work with independent companies and I can not control what they do over the course of time.

But I would really like to know what happened, so I can determine whether I should continue to promote and endorse their products and services.

If you would like a refund please refer to the email which you provided to the company and follow their instructions to get a refund directly from the merchant.

This website does not process payments or keep a record of orders that were placed on any of our affiliated partner websites or merchant websites. Please contact them directly for refunds or problems.

If you would like to register a complaint or are displeased with how you were treated or the product or service did not meet your satisfaction and you would like to let us know please send us an email on my Contact Page.