Performance Based Marketing

As a performance based marketer, I look at two things when I decide what to promote. Those two things are: the offer & the audience.

The Offer is the product or service that is being sold. When I look at the offer, the obvious ways to market it are using keywords to target people who are looking for this specific offer

The keywords that I would use would be: blood sugar monitor, glucose meter, lower blood sugar, diabetic supplies, etc.

The Audience are the people who are likely to use this product and when I think of where these people are on the internet: What websites are they likely to be interested in, what groups or forums are they part of, where are they looking for solutions? In this example people who would be interested in glucose monitors are likely on WebMD and other medical sites, on Reddit discussing lowering blood sugar, in certain Facebook Groups related to diabetes or controlling weight.

So using the offer itself looking for opportunities in keywords and problem focused keywords often reveal opportunities that most marketers have overlooked.

Google Ads also offers the opportunity to target users who are ready to buy based on either the websites they have visited and or the use of keywords that indicate that a purchase is likely to be made with their “In Market” segmenting.


Some of the tools that I use to conduct my research include SimilarWeb which allows you to see any data on website they have compiled. So if we were researching a Glucose Monitor and wanted to look up a competitor website I would enter into SimilarWeb to see

  1. how much traffic is Dexcom getting.
  2. what country is it coming from
  3. the interests and topics that people who come to Dexcom
  4. who the main competitors are of Dexcom
  5. the marketing channels responsible for driving traffic ie: Search, Social Media, eMail, Display Ads, etc.
  6. where the traffic that visits Dexcom goes after leaving the website.



This tool also like SimilarWeb is run by Amazon to help marketer identify various data about websites and where the traffic is coming from to help you generate ideas on how to target your audience.


This tool allows me to set up the tracking software.



This tools helps me know what technology a website is built on and also what tools it is using by scanning the website.

Google Tag Manger

Facebook Pixel

Ad Networks

Google Ads

Google Dsiplay Network

Microsoft Ads






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